Lisa Saint

I’m Lisa.

I prefer to live my life seizing moments – the one’s you remember on those dreary days.  The kind that give you endless smiles and happy memories.  For me the bond we have with our horses is the reason why we do what we do, come rain or shine. 

I got hooked on photographing horses many moons ago now, to this day I am still in awe of the beauty and sheer elegance of each and every horse.  I am definitely one of those who still does a double take when you catch sight of a horse, no matter where I am.

My equine portrait sessions are casual and relaxed, definitely not rushed. You and your horse set the pace and tone. During your shoot I combine gently posed shots, along with capturing spontaneous moments as they unfold (no awkward poses here!).  The casual tone of my shoot allows you to simply be yourself in front of the camera.

Arabian Horse Portrait

Here is the reason why my photography took on a whole new focus, this is Omar. A very opinionated but utterly loveable (in my opinion!), veteran Arab gelding.  If you think along the lines of Victor Meldrew, well that’s pretty much my boy to a T – just better looking!

Lisa Saint Photography
At Zecora Photography our aim is to create timeless horse portrait photographs that you will be proud to display in your home as everyday, happy reminders of moments you will cherish forever.

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